Noise Induced Hearing Loss – NIHI

Hearing loss is very unfortunate. The UK’s noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) has become a common problem as the aging population and laborers work in difficult and hazardous environments. Exposure to higher frequencies, exceeding 85 decibels (dB), causes hearing loss in individuals. Loud sounds, such as those produced by heavy machinery in an industrial environment, have led to the recognition of it as an industrial disease among individuals exposed to them. Usually, they are working in the UK construction industry. NIHL adversely affects an individual’s quality of life. Surprisingly, NIHL does not come with short-term exposure or acoustic shock. Long-term exposure to noise causes Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL), and it usually results in permanent damage..

Noise Induced Hearing Loss – NIHI

Exposure to high-frequency noise over some time leads to noise inducing hearing loss. There are different environments in which a person can have hearing loss. Recreational activities such as shooting, hunting, and listening to music at high volume lead to hearing loss. Hearing loss can sometimes occur at home when woodworking or mowing the lawn. People working on the construction site, farmers working in the agricultural fields, and army personnel working in military forces are vulnerable to loud noises. The construction site has heavy machinery that causes too much sound, whereas tractors in the fields have excessive noise. 

Who is Responsible for Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Claims?

You can make noise-induced hearing claims against your employer. They are responsible for providing you with a safe work environment. The factory noise is unavoidable, yet employers ignore the unhealthy environment. Therefore, every company should implement health and safety regulations, including providing proper audio equipment, ear protection gear, and other related sound equipment.

Your hearing loss is compromised when the employer does not provide you with a health and safety toolkit. Filing against noise-induced hearing loss claim is your right.

Should I Get My Hearing Tested?

Getting your hearing checked at a young age isn’t necessary unless you’re exposed to loud noises like gunfire or drilling sounds. However, as an adult working in a construction company, you might face exposure to noisy environments. An audiogram for noise-induced hearing loss is utilised to conduct a hearing test. The noise-induced hearing audiogram will show the hearing ability in decibels. Normal hearing ability is 85 dB, but exceeding this limit may result in hearing loss.

How Much Compensation Will I Get?

Your compensation cannot be determined until you provide your audiogram noise-induced hearing loss report to the solicitor. It’s essential to undergo a hearing test to ascertain whether you’ve been impacted by loud noise exposure at work.

You can access hearing loss compensation tables. The UK, too, has an estimated claim that you can make. 

Legal Assistance for Noise Induced Hearing Loss

You can make NIHL claims with our expert solicitors. We will take your case, analyze it, gather the evidence, and then work on the case to make a strong claim. At Sonic Settlements, we provide the best claims management services, especially regarding hearing loss claims

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