Everything to know about Acoustic Shock: Symptoms, Treatment

What is Acoustic Shock?

An acoustic shock is a medical term used when someone hears a high-pitched sound that brings damage to their eardrum and because of the damage, they experience hearing loss.

An acoustic shock injury is quite traumatising for those who have experienced its effects. While acoustic shock disorder is most common in call centres, employees also receive shock injuries while working in places where they are exposed to sudden high-pitched sounds.

Acoustic trauma and its claim are important just because of the fact that thousands of people observe and fall victim to it every year. So we’ll make sure that in this blog, we cover all the necessary angles that give you enough knowledge about shock treatment, shock symptoms, shock protection, and most importantly, shock claim and compensation.

Acoustic Shock Symptoms

There are many acoustic trauma symptoms. Some of them are very temporary while others become permanent. Some of the most common shock symptoms are,

  • Tinnitus – hearing a hissing, buzzing kind of sound in your ear.
  • Hearing loss (minor or major)
  • Unable to understand conversations
  • Difficulty in understanding sentences
  • Constant pain in the head
  • Consistent nausea
  • Not getting good sleep at night
  • Discomfort in most places

And there are many more of them. Most acoustic trauma symptoms add psychological and emotional trauma to the lives of the ones dealing with it. But thankfully there are treatment and protection that makes it much easier to control.

Acoustic Shock Treatment

There are medical treatments as well as different practices used for acoustic shock prevention.

Some important factors/practices to consider besides acoustic shock medical treatment are,

Once a person gets exposed to shock sound, it is crucial that they don’t experience it again and look for genuine and beneficial shock disorder treatment.

  • If shock in call centres was the cause then you should stop wearing a headset.
  • Prevent the places where you know there is a possibility of high-frequency and dangerous sounds.
  • For a healthy recovery, stop smoking.

Medically there are a few shock treatments to consider. And always remember to consult another medical expert for an additional opinion.

  • Repairing eardrum
  • Using hearing aids
  • shock syndrome steroid treatment 

Acoustic Shock Recovery Time

Every shock syndrome treatment differs from the other one. So to have a timely shock recovery, you should consult a medical practitioner. 

Acoustic Shock Protection

Preventing shock before it happens is the duty of the employer. From installing safety equipment throughout the workplace to educating the staff on the possible dangers of loud noise machinery, here are the things your employer should work on,

  • The machines and equipment in your workplace should have high-pitched noise protection installed on them.
  • Office walls and doors should be able to absorb high-intensity noise and even the cabins where noisy machines are placed should be noise protected.
  • The call centre business need to offer better quality headsets (shock protection headset) to their sales team.
  • Inform your worker of the damages and prevention of shock and similar hearing loss injuries.

You can install other shock safety measures based on the problems specific to your business.

Acoustic Shock Claims

Acoustic trauma has become a growing concern, especially in call centres and any other business where employees work near high-pitched sound. When they are diagnosed with shock trauma, it is a difficult time for the victim and their families as not only their livelihood rely on their job that required their hearing but also the physical and psychological damage that was caused by their shock injuries.

Gladly, we have the shock claims which is a legal reward for the victim of shock. If you suffered an acoustic trauma because your employer was negligent for the safety of their worker, then you are eligible to make an acoustic trauma claim against them.

Acoustic Shock Claim time limit

As an acoustic trauma victim, you have 3 years to start your acoustic shock claims compensation. The 3 years time limit presented by the Limitation Act 1980 states when the claimant first suffered the acoustic trauma or when they first got diagnosed with the shock.

Acoustic Shock Compensation

If your acoustic trauma claim is successful, you will be awarded an acoustic trauma compensation, an awarded amount that mirrors the psychological and physical damages you sustained during the time of your hearing loss injuries.

Sonic Settlement has an experienced shock panel. Our experts have in-depth claims knowledge and can guide you through the thick and thin of shock claims. Contact us today and speak to our no win no fee acoustic shock claims experts.