Compensation Overview for Hearing Loss Claims

Factories have some of the most extreme working environments that you can expect. The employees are asked to work in extremely noisy areas on top of the long shifts. And these situations start to have a drastic impact on your hearing. Fortunately, we have a claim called ‘hearing loss claims’ that can be applied to minimise the damage of an extreme working environment.

But before you apply for a hearing loss claim, you might want to look at what it actually means. What injuries qualify you for the claim, and the expected amount you can receive for the claim.

What are Hearing Loss Claims?

Hearing loss claim is for anyone who has worked in an unfit environment in the past. Due to the extreme nature of their workplace, may it be a factory or an outside job. They were exposed to loud noises that affected their hearing ability, and with time, they either entirely lost their hearing or did partial damage.

With this claim, the victims who suffered hearing loss can have a genuine attempt to claim against their employer who just didn’t install the necessary safety measures for its employees.

Do you qualify for noise induced hearing loss claims compensation?

There is a certain criteria that make you eligible to apply for hearing loss claim. It is a simple one:

  • The claimant was working with machinery or working close to the machinery which eventually led them to lose their hearing.
  • The victim also must have partial or complete deafness in one or both ears.

Once you are eligible to make a claim, the next step is to hire a legal expert who will represent you in your legal battle.

Compensation amount for hearing loss claims uk

This is where your case gets interesting. First off, there are thousands of hearing loss claims made every month. It makes clear sense that every case will be treated differently hence variations in the awarded compensation amount.

Now if you apply for hearing loss claim, you won’t get a clear idea of how much you can claim until your hired legal expert calculates it for you.

According to the legal guidelines in the UK, hearing loss claims average payout is between £7,000 to £90,000 depending on the seriousness of your hearing loss claim. This means your compensation amount varies from slight deafness to permanent deafness.

Remember that your specific scenario will matter. If you have military hearing loss claims which means you lost your hearing by working in the army, it will be treated in the army hearing loss claims. Similarly, there are different classifications like industrial hearing loss claim, mod hearing loss claims, occupational hearing loss claims, etc.

While this is all based on experiences and data, the judge makes the final call after looking at your case. Then, the exact amount will be disclosed to you.

Hearing loss claims how long does it take?

Don’t worry the processing doesn’t go on forever. The average period to claim for hearing loss claim can take up to months and in special cases can go more than a year.

For any claim, your legal expert has to prove that the other party was at fault. Your case will stay in the processing stage as long as it’s not proven that you were a victim. If you have strong evidence then it is most likely that you will get compensation within a couple of months.

Industrial deafness is a very serious issue that thousands of UK workers have been facing. It is important to highlight these issues by applying for a claim. It will not only help you but will put pressure on the employer who is yet to apply proper safety measures in their workspaces.

We at Sonic Settlement have a dedicated team that can help you understand your case a little bit better. You can call us anytime to let us help you calculate your compensation.