Noise Induced Hearing Loss – NIHI

noise induced hearing loss

Hearing loss is very unfortunate. The UK’s noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) has become a common problem as the aging population and laborers work in difficult and hazardous environments. Exposure to higher frequencies, exceeding 85 decibels (dB), causes hearing loss in individuals. Loud sounds, such as those produced by heavy machinery in an industrial environment, […]

Hearing Loss Claim

hearing loss claim

Losing the sense of hearing is unfortunate and frustrating for the affected individual. Hearing loss comes under disabilities. However, not everyone has complete deafness. Some people have enhanced their listening skills through hearing aids. Hearing loss is common in the organisations when poor quality of equipment is used by the individuals and workers. The severity […]

Hearing Loss Claim

hearing loss claim

Hearing loss is not only annoying, but it also shatters an individual’s confidence. In most cases, hearing loss occurs due to the loud sound exposure. Hearing loss could result in acoustic shock or tinnitus. The acoustic shock may appear in the short term when there is a sudden exposure to a higher frequency, whereas tinnitus […]

Noise Induced Hearing Loss

noise induced hearing loss

It is unfortunate to see your hearing ability getting low with every passing day. A simple noise can lead to hearing loss in different ways. At work, one can witness several reasons for noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Long-term exposure to high-frequency sounds causes it. The military services induce hearing loss because loud sounds of explosions […]

Making Military Injury Claims in the UK

military injary claims

Serving in the army could be crucial at times. Injuries and unfortunate events are inevitable in military service. The army officers have dedicated their lives to the British army in the UK. However, the entitlement for military injury claims comes under the Armed Forces compensation scheme. You can claim for injuries whether you are a […]

Essentials of Hearing Loss Claims UK 

hearing loss claims

Hearing loss is common worldwide, especially for people working in hazardous conditions. Many people have risked their lives while working in industries and the military, where hearing loud noises is a part of the routine. Existing with hearing impairment often leads to frustration because it is annoying if you cannot hear sounds. It does not […]

Scenario of the UK Military Hearing Loss Claims

military hearing loss claims

The armed forces exemplify an esteemed profession, globally. Military operations involve too many risks due to the sensitivity of the area, such as war zones. Soldiers can do a successful mission if they have proper hearing sense. Though, armed forces come with several benefits, but alongside it has various challenges. These trials manifest in physical injuries, visual impairments or hearing […]

What is The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme?

armed forces compensation scheme

Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) compensates you for illness, Injury or Death that happened to you within your service. It’s a no Fault-Scheme meaning that you don’t have to admit your fault or you can apply for these claims whether it’s your fault or not. Anyone offering service in the armed forces from 6 April […]

How Hearing Loss Compensation is Calculated?

hearing loss compensation tables uk

Hearing loss compensation tables UK Hearing loss is a problem in which an individual can’t hear what others are saying to them or due to a medical problem, their hearing gradually becomes weak. If the hearing loss victim plans to apply for a noise induced hearing loss claim, then the hearing loss compensation tables UK […]

How much is the Hearing Loss Claims Compensation

hearing loss compensation calculator

Not just in hearing loss compensation claims but in any claim, the frequent question that we get asked is ‘How much would I be paid if I apply for this specific claim?’ A hearing loss compensation calculator helps us discover exactly that. The answer to that question always varies as you have to look at […]