Hearing Loss Claim

Losing the sense of hearing is unfortunate and frustrating for the affected individual. Hearing loss comes under disabilities. However, not everyone has complete deafness. Some people have enhanced their listening skills through hearing aids. Hearing loss is common in the organisations when poor quality of equipment is used by the individuals and workers. The severity of hearing loss depends on the noise exposure an ear has gone through. If you have been working in the construction industry or are a militant officer, you will get a hearing loss claim one day because you cannot ignore the sounds and exposure to loud noise in your working environment.

Hearing loss claim – NIHI

Hearing loss claims are getting frequent in the UK. Working in a noisy environment. an individual can make a hearing loss claim. There is a list of occupations who are eligible to make a industrial deafness claims:

Hearing loss claims are essential for the workers who work in the noisy environments such as construction, military or agriculture. An army officer is exposed to gunshots and bomb explosions that have a higher frequency than an ear should be exposed to. The sound of the tractor in the field is noisy, creating noise pollution and damaging the driver’s ears. The construction workers working with heavy machinery such as forklifts or listening to continuous drilling lead to extensive noise exposure and hearing loss.

While working in the noisy environment, you can be compensated for hearing loss by your employer.

How to Make Military Hearing Loss Claims?

An army hearing loss claim is for the ones who have served in the British army. The veterans exposed to loud sounds such as gun shots in the field, they can make industrial deafness claim. They have experienced gunshots, bomb explosions, pipe ranges, and more. It does not matter if you are still serving in the armed forces or have said goodbye to your job; you can still make an occupational deafness claim as it resulted at work. 

You can get a successful hearing loss claim if your medical report proves deafness in your ears. The medical specialist assesses it. The audiogram report and the details of your organization are important evidence of your hearing loss. It is easy for military officers to get hearing loss compensation as they have served in the army for years. 

Am I Eligible for a PIP Claim?

Often, people search for the question, ‘Can I claim PIP for hearing loss?’. The answer is yes; you are eligible for a PIP compensation if you have a hearing loss. In the UK, government benefits people with living conditions that challenge them to live a daily life known as personal independence payment (PIP). It is provided to those who have difficulty managing specific daily tasks. However, the financial compensation for PIP claims is divided into mobility and daily living. Whether your daily life is affected by the hearing loss or it has limited your mobility, you can make PIP compensation. Consequently, your PIP compensation depends on the intensity of your hearing loss.

Can I Claim Disability for Hearing Loss?

It is frequently asked, ‘Can I claim for disability hearing loss? However, hearing loss is considered a disability in the UK. You can make a PIP claim under your disability if you have noticed a significant deafness in your ears. It is important to know that hearing loss is considered a disability only if your hearing loss condition has been there for more than a year. Once you are legally deaf or have a hearing impairment, companies have inclusive opportunities to take such people on board to promote diversity and inclusivity in their work. 

Is there a hearing loss claim time limit?

There is a hearing loss claim time limit for everyone. Sometimes, hearing loss is not sudden and takes time to develop in an individual’s ears. Therefore, a suitable timeline for a hearing loss claim is for 3 years. If the person has significant hearing loss from the day they have signs, they can begin with the claim. 
However, they will need evidence to ensure a successful hearing loss compensation. At Sonic Settlements, we have expert solicitors who can help you with your hearing loss claim. Please complete our contact form today and get a successful hearing loss compensation!

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