Tinnitus Claim Compensation: Are You Eligible?

Ringing, buzzing, hissing, humming, and similar kinds of noises have become a norm recently. People who hear this sort of noise quickly realise that it’s not real. In fact, the reason they have been listening to these noises is strictly medical. The medical condition is known as Tinnitus and you might not know that there is a claim known as a tinnitus claim. 

So what is it and is there legit claims if you were diagnosed with tinnitus while working in an extreme workplace? Well, we are about to debunk all that down below,

So what is Tinnitus & Tinnitus Claim?

Tinnitus is a medical term that defines certain types of noises that people hear that others can’t. Medically it is stated that it happens because the individual loses tiny hairs in their ear. The tiny hair protect them from random loud noises.

Another reason that tinnitus patients hear these random noises is because they have been experiencing hearing loss for some time now. 

People who work in environments where they are consistently exposed to high noise levels are often diagnosed with tinnitus. These extreme environments are,

  • construction sites
  • military compounds
  • manufacturing facilities
  • music & entertainment industries

and any other workplaces that use loud noise machinery.

Similarly when you are diagnosed with Tinnitus, you have the legal right to file a tinnitus claim against your employers.

Can You Apply for Tinnitus Claim UK?

You might be asking yourself the question, ‘Can I claim for tinnitus‘ as a tinnitus hearing loss victim. Of course, according to the law in the UK, wherever you work, your boss or manager has to take care of your physical and psychological safety. Most of the time these kinds of cases fall under employment law or workplace accidents. 

Unfortunately, the business owner and employer pay little to no attention when it comes to safety in the workplace. They install machines and offer tasks to employees without providing them with the safety equipment to either cover their ears or minimise the loud machinery noise. 

As a result, the employees suffer tinnitus and hearing loss. So, can you claim for tinnitus?. If you are going through a similar scenario where,

  • You worked in an extremely noisy setting like factories, the military, and with big machinery.
  • Your employer failed to provide proper protection to your ears breaking the workplace safety rule.
  • Because of it, your ear was damaged and you were diagnosed with tinnitus.

You can apply for a tinnitus claim if you,

  • lost your hearing
  • you have the symptoms
  • and it was because of the reasons listed above.

Similarly, the amount from a successful tinnitus claim helps you recover the numerous medical, and transportation bills you endure during that stressful period.

Now what you need is a tinnitus compensation claim expert who has the right amount of knowledge and experience.

Do You Need to Hire a Legal Expert to claim for tinnitus?

So, if you were diagnosed with tinnitus because the place you work at had poor safety protocols, then tinnitus claims are where you can get a legal apology in the shape of compensation.

And just like any other claim, you go through the tinnitus claims procedure with the help of a legal expert. The expert helps you find evidence that proves that you have tinnitus and it was because of the place you worked at. 

Additionally, the solicitor also guides in some of the more tricky aspects of the claim like filling out the comprehensive documents, organizing your case files, meeting and negotiating with your employers or the company you are working at to find a resolution.

But you have to ensure, that the legal expert helping has the right qualifications and experience to back you during your claim. For that, you can consult Sonic Settlement’s expert support where you can discuss your claim in-depth, ask for an unbiased expert opinion, and clear your understanding regarding your claim by asking questions like what is a tinnitus claim calculator, military tinnitus claim compensation and what to do if you have a tinnitus claim denied.

Expect a friendly and understanding hearing loss claims support with Sonic Settlement.