Hearing Loss Claim

Hearing loss is not only annoying, but it also shatters an individual’s confidence. In most cases, hearing loss occurs due to the loud sound exposure. Hearing loss could result in acoustic shock or tinnitus. The acoustic shock may appear in the short term when there is a sudden exposure to a higher frequency, whereas tinnitus can be diagnosed after some time, days, or years. However, hearing loss symptoms begin when you feel a decline in your hearing ability. You might be slightly affected by hearing loss and unable to listen from one ear. There are different occupational situations where loud exposures cannot be avoided. For example, military services are nothing without gunshots and explosions. Similarly, workers involved in the construction industry cannot get off from the sounds of big machinery. Despite the fact of being deaf in one ear, you can still make a hearing loss claim from your employer.

Hearing Loss Claim – NIHI

You can make a hearing loss claim if your ears were damaged at work or due to the other person’s negligence. In most cases, employers must compensate their employees, especially when the working conditions are hazardous, where exposure to higher frequency is a daily routine. Another case where you can get compensation for your noise induced hearing loss is if you have met with a non-fault accident. The other party has to compensate for your hearing loss if they were proven guilty in the accident case. However, hearing loss claims could begin from £7,000 and may go up to £140,000

Is Hearing Loss Sudden?

Sometimes, hearing loss does not happen quickly. It takes time. For example, if you listen to high-frequency sounds for days and years, your hearing will be affected with time. But let’s say you are working with audio equipment, and a sudden loud voice comes from the equipment, which is not loud but sensitive to your ears, and then the hearing loss can happen immediately.

Hearing Loss Claims for Military Personnel

Serving in the British Army is a proud occupation. However, there are complications, too, where dedication and commitment are paramount. Hearing loss is prevalent in the military services because army officers are exposed to gunshots and bomb explosions. These veterans fight on the borders and also sustain injuries, such as the hearing loss. However, military personnel can only be compensated if an army hearing loss claim.

Can I Claim PIP for Hearing Loss?

To make a PIP claim, you need to know about the claim. The British Governments makes a financial amount for the people affected by their disability and make their lives better. Can I claim PIP for hearing loss? You can be compensated Personal Independence Payment (PIP) for your hearing loss. However, you can benefit from a PIP claim if you are between 16 and 64 years of age and have a long-term disability. You must wait a year to know if your disability is permanent or temporary.

Can I Claim Disability for Hearing Loss?

You can make Hearing loss claims under PIP if your hearing lasts 12 months. Can I claim disability for hearing loss? Yes, you can claim disability for your damaged ears. The medical reports by a medical professional must prove that you have a permanent deafness for which you want to make a claim. Moreover, noise-induced hearing loss is a physical disability because it affects an individual’s daily routine, where they have difficulty talking to others, watching television, or listening to horns in traffic.

Hearing Loss Claim Time Limit

Hearing loss is not quick every time. It can affect the individual in the long run. A significant change in the hearing loss shows that you need medical attention. The hearing loss claim time limit is up to 3 years after the doctor has declared your hearing loss.

How Can I File for Hearing Loss Claim?

You can hire a solicitor with expertise in successfully compensating for hearing loss. At Sonic Settlements, we offer a range of solicitors who can work for your hearing loss claims.

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What benefits can I claim for hearing loss in the UK?

The benefits from hearing loss can be claimed after examining the medical report of your hearing loss. You can benefit financially from your hearing loss. However, you may be entitled to three types of allowances: Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Attendance Allowance (AA), and Universal Credit (UC).

How to Claim PIP for Hearing Loss?

The UK government provides Personal Independence Payment (PIP) to people with disabilities who are struggling to live a daily life since their mobility is affected by hearing loss. It would help if you met the eligibility criteria to make a PIP claim for your hearing loss:

You must be 16 or above
Your hearing loss is more than a year
Your mobility is affected in daily life

It would help if you were under State Pension age to secure a first-time PIP claim.
You can claim directly by calling the UK Government Department for Work and Pension (DWP). Another way is to hire a solicitor if you do not know the process of a PIP claim. With their expertise in making hearing loss claims, the solicitor will make a successful PIP claim for you.

How much is a hearing loss claim worth?

Compensation for hearing loss depends on the severity of the damaged ears. A hearing loss claim in the UK starts from £7,000 and goes up to £141,000. A medical professional can assess your hearing loss after you take the hearing test through an audiogram.

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