How Hearing Loss Compensation is Calculated?

Hearing loss compensation tables UK

Hearing loss is a problem in which an individual can’t hear what others are saying to them or due to a medical problem, their hearing gradually becomes weak. If the hearing loss victim plans to apply for a noise induced hearing loss claim, then the hearing loss compensation tables UK might be a useful resource for them.

In this article, we are going to discuss the hearing loss compensation tables UK and spread light on the different aspects of hearing loss. 

What causes hearing loss or deafness?

Hearing loss and deafness can be caused by industrial or personal exposure to bad or loud noises. This can be a very terrible feeling for the one involved and it can affect their personal and professional life.

Common reason for Hearing Loss:

According to HSC (National Health Service), Over one million people were offering services in noisy environments. And because they were not provided the necessary protection, this became a great cause of hearing loss and deafness.

However, the cause of hearing loss varies from person to person. It depends on your employment, your age, and how your ears are exposed to different levels of noise. The most common reasons observed are: 

Lifestyle: If your ears are exposed to very loud noises such as loud music, can gradually lead to deafness.

Employment: It also depends on the services you are offering as an employee. Like, if you are working in a Mill or you are serving as a military officer where you hear gunfire many times a day. This can lead you towards hearing loss.

Age: It is observed that aged men and women have a higher chance of deafness than younger ones.

Acoustic shock or Acoustic incident: Sudden exposure to loud noises that cause you pain at that time. 

How can I apply for hearing loss compensation: 

If you are facing a hearing problem and you want to apply for compensation then you should follow the rules to apply for hearing loss competition benefits.

The first step is to visit a medical professional and let them examine your situation. The medical expert can help you identify the problem which will act as the medical evidence of your hearing loss claim. This helps you a lot hearing loss compensation battle.

The second step is to meet an expert solicitor or a claims management company like Sonic Settlement that can connect you with a hearing loss solicitor, who can help you in applying for the compensation. 

Solicitors may ask you about your medical history, your employment history, and your health reports. They can also ask you for witnesses.

Now let’s finally have a brief look at the hearing loss compensation tables UK and understand why the hearing loss compensation tables UK is beneficial for our claim.

What are Hearing loss compensation tables UK

As a claims management company, we cannot predict the correct amount of compensation if we don’t have enough information on your specific case. But we can give you an idea about the amount you can get if you make a hearing loss claim. A Hearing loss compensation tables will help you in that regard as it gives you the average, minimum and maximum payout of your noise induced hearing loss claim.

Suppose that you want to check your tinnitus claims compensation. You can do it easily by selecting the category in the compensation table.

By using the below guidelines, you can easily get a rough estimate of hearing loss compensation payouts. Here are the amounts:

Payouts for general hearing loss:

  • Low level hearing loss or Low level tinnitus – Up to £7,400 – £12,600
  • Mild hearing loss or Mild tinnitus – Up to £12,600 – £15,000
  • Serious hearing loss and Serious tinnitus – Up to £29,700 – £45,500

Payouts for industrial deafness claims:

  • Total deafness in one ear (with or without tinnitus) – Up to £31,000- £45,500
  • Total deafness in both ears – Up to £91,000 – £110,000.
  • Total deafness in both ears and Loss of speech – Up to £110,000 – £141,000

What is the hearing loss claim time limit and when should I apply for compensation?

The average time needed for a hearing loss claim is three years from the date you have been diagnosed with the negligence that has caused you deafness or hearing loss. Whereas, if you are underage or it has affected your mental health, then in this case you might still have time. But we suggest you contact a claims management company as soon as possible to start your claim on time.