What is The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme?

Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) compensates you for illness, Injury or Death that happened to you within your service. It’s a no Fault-Scheme meaning that you don’t have to admit your fault or you can apply for these claims whether it’s your fault or not. Anyone offering service in the armed forces from 6 April 2005 can make a claim under this scheme.

Armed Forces Compensation Scheme Payouts:

There are two type of payments you can apply for:

  • Lump-sum payment for minor injuries.
  • Life-time pension program.

Lump-sum payment for Armed Forces Compensation Scheme:

AFCS offers one-time payment for people who got minor injuries during their service. It’s a tax free payment and you can earn from £1,200 up to £570,000. Before applying to these claims, always keep in mind that you cannot apply for the same damage twice.

Life-time pension program:

For the people having severe injuries and they are not capable of any service or employment can receive ‘Guaranteed Income Payment’ for lifetime. It’s also a tax free payment. The amount you receive will depend on your age at your last birthday, basic salary at the time of leaving service, as well as how severe your injuries are.

How to apply for Armed Forces Compensation Scheme:

Apply for armed forces compensation claims you need follow these key points:

  • You should apply for these claims within seven years.
  • You should have medical discharge documents if it applies to your condition.
  • You have to worry about any evidence about what is the cause of your injury.

Before you sign up for these claims, we recommend you to hire a solicitor or a legal person so that he can help you throughout the case. Because in 2023, many people are facing issues while making this claim. An expert solicitor can guide you about armed forces compensation scheme calculators and payouts.

Can I sign up for Armed Forces Compensation Scheme if my family member died during service?

Yes, you can apply for AFCS if you have lost any of your family members during his services.

What can you do if you think that the award of military compensation is unfair?

If you believe that the award for military compensation is unjust, you can apply for a revision application to court. The court is responsible for your legal right. If you failed to increase the award from the original decision, it won’t decrease your award. These applications must be made within one year of the decision.